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Conditions of Use

Please respect the terms list of service and follow them.

Every Person should have only one account, don't create fake/multiple accounts. Remember this - One User, One Account.

Don't allow others to login through your device. Once a while, we understand.

Please don't use for any violent activities or Frauds in any manner. We don't entertain any of these things.

Communication among users should be smooth and you should not post/message/share any kind of Adult/Hurting/Teasing/imitating/ ragging/torturing/blackmailing etc. if so, strict action will be taken on you.

We may block or Limit access to your infogiven account if your activity is suspicious or Fraud.

If your account is Permanently Blocked, We won't Refund your Wallet balance (if it is below Rs. 1000).

If you violate any of your respective Government Laws or Official rules or eveen announcements, Infogiven or its subsidiaries has every right to handover your Information (which includes Account Profile, Used IP, Browser, Network etc. and even the Personal details)

Under some circumstances, your account may not be activated, if it is Permanently blocked.

Your account will be deleted if you don't login at least one time in any 2 months or more.

Infogiven can close this website anytime by intimating you by mail or SMS, at-least before 3 months and paying your wallet balance. will send Email/SMS related to your Account and new features upon registration.

If your account has suspicious Transaction activities, we can Reduce Particular (No Created transaction) Amount from your wallet.

Unless you create a Transaction for a Debit or Credit, its not valid.

Users shouldn't use their Infogiven account for any illegal activity (Like Purchasing Dangerous Goods, Alcohol, Porn Videos ect.).

Last updated: 24th November 2017




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